New photos emerging

With just two days until the 2017 Teenie Beanie Boo Happy Meal promotion hits McDonald’s restaurants in the US, some eBay listings for the new Ty Teenie Boos are beginning to show what appears to be the Happy Meal display case design for the upcoming promotion.

As with most Happy Meal toy promotions, these setups are usually constructed of cardboard with the toys strategically hung, and are placed inside an acrylic display case inside McDonald’s stores.

The theme that seems to be emerging for this year’s Ty Teenie Beanie Boo promotion is “Become a Boo Zoo Keeper,” as printed on this display above.

2004 Teenie Beanie display

Fun fact: If you befriend your local McDonald’s manager, they might let you take or buy the display and other promotional posters once this year’s Teenie Beanie Boo promotion is over! In 2004, I was able to get my hands on all of my local McDonald’s promotional pieces for free, and used them to display my Teenie Beanies.

Image source of the 2017 Teenie Boo display from this eBay listing (though it appears other sellers are using the same photograph with different watermarks).