My first day

2017 Teenie Beanie Happy Meal boxes

Day 1 (yesterday) of the 2017 Teenie Beanie Boo Happy Meal promotion was a success for me! We got Bushy, Blizz and Mel. So far, Mel is my favorite, though there are still 12 Teenie Beanies I have yet to see in-person! 🙂

Each toy comes packaged with a cardstock disc with a photo of that character on the front and instructions for the app on the back, as well as a checklist for all 15 Teenie Beanies. The Happy Meal boxes are also specially printed, as we’ve already seen in the Teenie Beanie promotions that have been happening abroad.

Size comparison from 2014 to 2017

I think it’s also interesting to note that this year’s Teenie Beanies are quite a bit larger than the Teenie Beanies from 2014. This comparison of Blizz (2017) and Glamour (2014) shows an obvious difference in size. The hang tags seem pretty similar to the last Teenie promotion in design, though this year’s tags are smaller.