HappyMeal.com updates for Teenie Boos

The U.S. HappyMeal.com website updated today to coincide with the beginning of the Ty Teenie Beanie Boo Happy Meal promotion. Here’s a look at the the new changes:

Top slider

The graphic slider at the top of the Happy Meal website now features several Teenie Beanie Boo-themed slides: a new “see the toys” slide that shows Blizz, Mel, Bushy, Waddle, Congo, Twigs and the “Become a Boo Zoo Keeper” sign; two slides that promote the Boo-themed McPlay app (one with app details and one demonstrating how it works); and one slide promoting Boo-themed coloring and activity sheets.

Current Toys

The “Toys” panel has been updated to show that the Teenie Beanie Boos are the current Happy Meal toys. If you click on a character, a video opens that shows a close-up of that character, as well as a demonstration on how to scan a Teenie Beanie into the McPlay app. If you’re wanting a really nice preview of what these Teenie Beanie Boos look like before you get yours, these videos are great!

Color and activity sheets

The Create panel now includes two downloadable pages. The first is a coloring page with black-and-white outlines of Snort, Bushy and Twigs, as well as the Beanie Boos logo, the “Become a Boo Zoo Keeper” sign, and some scenery. You can either color the page using the digital tools on the Happy Meal website, or download it to print and color “for real.”

The activity sheet has two activities. The first is a sparse Beanie Boo shape with the instructions “Draw your own Teenie Beanie Boo for your Boo Zoo and name it.” The second is a name scramble game, with drawings of seven Teenie Beanies with their names scrambled. Again, you can draw or color using the online tools, or download to print.


As of the the publishing of this post, the Videos panel is still showing the Super Mario commercial. I would imagine this will get updated with a new Teenie Beanie Boo commercial soon.