My first day

2017 Teenie Beanie Happy Meal boxes

Day 1 (yesterday) of the 2017 Teenie Beanie Boo Happy Meal promotion was a success for me! We got Bushy, Blizz and Mel. So far, Mel is my favorite, though there are still 12 Teenie Beanies I have yet to see in-person! 🙂

Each toy comes packaged with a cardstock disc with a photo of that character on the front and instructions for the app on the back, as well as a checklist for all 15 Teenie Beanies. The Happy Meal boxes are also specially printed, as we’ve already seen in the Teenie Beanie promotions that have been happening abroad.

Size comparison from 2014 to 2017

I think it’s also interesting to note that this year’s Teenie Beanies are quite a bit larger than the Teenie Beanies from 2014. This comparison of Blizz (2017) and Glamour (2014) shows an obvious difference in size. The hang tags seem pretty similar to the last Teenie promotion in design, though this year’s tags are smaller.

Ty announces Teenie Boos on Facebook

Earlier this morning Ty updated its Facebook page with its own announcement for the Teenie Beanie Boos. The post includes information about the promotion, as well as an image of all 15 Teenie Boos.

Saying that the Teenie Beanie Boos are “back by popular demand,” the post reveals that the Teenie Boos will be at McDonald’s today through June 26.

Back by popular demand, Ty & McDonalds are partnering again for Teenie Beanie Boos™ between May 23rd and June 26th! To celebrate the 20th anniversary of Ty & McDonald’s partnership, some classic beanie babies will also be reintroduced as Beanie Boos!

The post also announces that this partnership between Ty and McDonald’s is to celebrate the 20th anniversary since the first set of Teenie Beanies arrived at McDonald’s, even confirming that “some classic Beanie Babies will also be reintroduced as Beanie Boos.”


McPlay app

I downloaded the all-new McPlay app this morning. It’s available for free for phones and tablets in Apple’s App Store and Google Play for Android devices. (For my test, I’m using an iPhone.)

After downloading the app, I was asked to select my country and then save some settings to allow camera access (to scan the toys) and save creations to your device’s photo album.

Once you’re done with that, a very colorful and highly-animated screen opens. You can scroll through several icons featuring cartoon versions of the Teenie Beanie Boos, which link to different activities: Scan Your Toy (featuring Twigs), Be An Artist (featuring a gold and green version of Peanut), Be An Inventor (featuring Waddle), and Be A Musician (featuring Blizz).

Scan Your Toy

Tap on the Scan Your Toy icon, and a demonstration opens showing how to use the device’s camera to capture what toy you have. Click the check-mark to confirm you understand and a Scan screen opens with your camera. Scan your Teenie Beanie, and it unlocks a new challenge, or a new part to an existing challenge.

Be An Artist

There are several activities here, including a tracing game, a coloring page, and a drawing page. Several of the characters depicted here appear to the Teenie Boos from the 2014 Teenie Beanie Boo promotion.

Be An Inventor

Again, several Boo-themed activities are here, in which you use blueprint-type sketches to overcome challenges.

Be A Musician

Tapping this icon opens a screen with three different instruments: a Twigs-themed guitar, a Blizz-themed shaker, and Spike with a record player. Tap an instrument and you have the option to practice it or complete a challenge with it.

All in all, the McPlay app seems to have a lot of fun and creative games for kids (or young-at-heart adults) to play that go along with the Teenie Beanie Boos, and the more Teenie Boos you have that you scan in, the more you’ll be able to do in the app. Have fun! updates for Teenie Boos

The U.S. website updated today to coincide with the beginning of the Ty Teenie Beanie Boo Happy Meal promotion. Here’s a look at the the new changes:

Top slider

The graphic slider at the top of the Happy Meal website now features several Teenie Beanie Boo-themed slides: a new “see the toys” slide that shows Blizz, Mel, Bushy, Waddle, Congo, Twigs and the “Become a Boo Zoo Keeper” sign; two slides that promote the Boo-themed McPlay app (one with app details and one demonstrating how it works); and one slide promoting Boo-themed coloring and activity sheets.

Current Toys

The “Toys” panel has been updated to show that the Teenie Beanie Boos are the current Happy Meal toys. If you click on a character, a video opens that shows a close-up of that character, as well as a demonstration on how to scan a Teenie Beanie into the McPlay app. If you’re wanting a really nice preview of what these Teenie Beanie Boos look like before you get yours, these videos are great!

Color and activity sheets

The Create panel now includes two downloadable pages. The first is a coloring page with black-and-white outlines of Snort, Bushy and Twigs, as well as the Beanie Boos logo, the “Become a Boo Zoo Keeper” sign, and some scenery. You can either color the page using the digital tools on the Happy Meal website, or download it to print and color “for real.”

The activity sheet has two activities. The first is a sparse Beanie Boo shape with the instructions “Draw your own Teenie Beanie Boo for your Boo Zoo and name it.” The second is a name scramble game, with drawings of seven Teenie Beanies with their names scrambled. Again, you can draw or color using the online tools, or download to print.


As of the the publishing of this post, the Videos panel is still showing the Super Mario commercial. I would imagine this will get updated with a new Teenie Beanie Boo commercial soon.


New photos emerging

With just two days until the 2017 Teenie Beanie Boo Happy Meal promotion hits McDonald’s restaurants in the US, some eBay listings for the new Ty Teenie Boos are beginning to show what appears to be the Happy Meal display case design for the upcoming promotion.

As with most Happy Meal toy promotions, these setups are usually constructed of cardboard with the toys strategically hung, and are placed inside an acrylic display case inside McDonald’s stores.

The theme that seems to be emerging for this year’s Ty Teenie Beanie Boo promotion is “Become a Boo Zoo Keeper,” as printed on this display above.

2004 Teenie Beanie display

Fun fact: If you befriend your local McDonald’s manager, they might let you take or buy the display and other promotional posters once this year’s Teenie Beanie Boo promotion is over! In 2004, I was able to get my hands on all of my local McDonald’s promotional pieces for free, and used them to display my Teenie Beanies.

Image source of the 2017 Teenie Boo display from this eBay listing (though it appears other sellers are using the same photograph with different watermarks).