The ultimate way to display your Teenies

Want to have the ultimate display to show off your complete Teenie Beanie Boo collection? Just ask for it. It’s free!

McDonald’s franchises don’t have any use for the promotional materials for the Happy Meal toys once they move on to the next set of toys, so usually everything gets trashed. That includes in-store posters, drive-through signs and even the cardboard Happy Meal display case setup.

When you go to get your first Teenie Boos on Friday, ask to speak to a manager, and then ask if they would save you all the promo materials. Chances are, they’ll say yes if you’re the first one. I did this during the 2004 Happy Meal 25th Anniversary Teenie Beanie promotion, and got a sweet display out of it.

2004 Teenie Beanie display

2004 Teenie Beanie display

Only two more days! Are you ready?