Teenie Boos in the UK?

A reader recently asked if the Teenie Beanie Boos will be coming to the UK. The short answer is: nobody knows. The longer answer involves a lot of speculation.

If I were to answer this based solely recent patterns and history, I would say it isn’t likely. At least not immediately. The last time Teenie Beanies were in a Happy Meal promotion anywhere in the world was five years ago, in 2009, in the United States. The US promotion prior to that was in 2004, and was subsequently followed by several Teenie Beanie promotions in other countries, and basically included generalized versions of the 2004 US toys: Canada (2004), the UK (2005), Malaysia (2006) and Singapore (2006). (See the complete Teenie Beanie history at TyCollector.com.)

So judging from that information, if the Teenie Beanie Boos do end up going to the UK (or anywhere else), it may be several months or several years until it happens, since, obviously, the Happy Meals in other countries have their own toy schedules.

However, there might be a glimmer of hope for my UK readers: on June 5, the Happy Meal Toys UK Facebook page teased that “How to Train Your Dragon 2 [is] coming soon to a Happy Meal near you.” The current UK toys are Hello Kitty and Hotwheels, which started on June 4 and will go through July 8. If the blurb about “How to Train Your Dragon 2” is factual, then that toy promotion will likely begin on July 9. And if UK McDonald’s stores are piggybacking the “Dragon 2” promotion a month after the US did it, then it wouldn’t be hard to imagine that Teenie Beanie Boos might piggyback into the UK in early- to mid-August.

Of course, this is all PURELY speculation. Tyme will tell if our Teenie Boo friends will become world travelers and when. But I’ll keep an eye out for any new information and share it here. Stay tuned!


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