About buying online

A reader emailed me over the weekend, and made a good point that’s worth sharing: buying Teenie Beanie Boos online early has no way to guarantee the authenticity of the toy, or legitimacy of the source.

The Boos won’t officially be for sale until July 4, and McDonald’s stores probably won’t get the shipments in until shortly before that. “I have checked so many McDonald’s, and not of them have Teenie Beanie Boos yet!” the reader wrote. Which is to say that the Teenie Boos we’ve seen for sale in listings like these on eBay may be from a leaked source higher up the corporate chain. Or they may just be high-quality fakes.

The only way to know you’re getting a real Teenie Beanie Boo is to get it at your local McDonald’s. And isn’t that the fun part anyway? 🙂